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Seal Island Trip

Satellite map of the boat trip to Seal Island

Duration: 1hr 30mins

Distance: 7km (Total 14km)

Price: Please contact for details

The Seal Island trip is our most popular trip in St. Ives. This is due in no small part to the incredible amount of wildlife that can be seen on this voyage.

The trip takes you several KM to the west of St. Ives, past Porthmeor beach and the towering cliffs of the 'Zennor coastal route', eventually arriving at the Western Carracks (Seal Island).

Seal Island is home to a year round colony of Atlantic Grey Seals and we almost always see them on the trip. The only time we see less Seals is during exceptionally high spring tides when most of the island is covered, even during these tides seals are often found in the water approaching the boat.

As well as Seals we always see many sea birds such as Cormorants, Gannets, Shags and of course Herring Gulls.


Dolphins are also a regular sight our trips, sometimes they hang around for days and play in the wake of our boat and other times it is just a fleeting fin in the distance. Either way it is always a special and exciting experience when they are around.

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